Larimar is BLUE pectolite. It is found, on one square kilometer of land in the Dominican Republic, the only place on the whole planet.  Blue pectolite is much more rare than diamonds, which compared with it, exist in “rich” abundance and are as “rare” as the daisies. You may wonder why they are so expensive… or ask the de Beer clan. But back to the pectolite Larimar.

Pectolite (“ratholite”), is an acid silicate hydrate of calcium and sodium and is found in the United States (Michigan, Arkansas, New Jersey, California), Canada, England (Scotland), India, Austria (Tyrolia), among others. It is a results of volcanic activity, many million years ago. It’s color is a creamy white. But Larimar is exclusively Dominican. There is no other place in the universe where blue and greenish pectolite has been discovered.

Whether the native Taino indians had been using Larimar as a gemstone is not known. We know they used the amber and even presented it as a gift to Columbus at his arrival.

But in our research we found that about one hundred years ago, the priest Miguel Domingo Fuerte Loren of Barahona applied for the permission of exploration and exploitation as can be found in the documents Dominican Treasury Department.

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Dominican amber is only a major source of amber during the last 50 years, although its existence has been known about since the times of the discovery of the island by Christopher Columbus. There is not much publicity, so many people -even Dominicans- don’t even know about it.

Dominican Amber is the only amber found on any of the Caribbean island. It is the true Caribbean Ambermay it be green or other naturally available Dominican colors. But not everything called “Caribbean Amber” is from the Dominican Republic. Confused? See: “Green Caribbean Amber“.

The mine sites of Dominican amber are in the north and in the east of the island. In the northern area, the amber-bearing unit is formed of clastic rocks, sandstone accumulated in a deltaic or even deep-water environment. In the eastern area, the Dominican amber is found in a sediment formation of organic-rich laminated sand, sandy clay, intercalated lignite as well as some isolated beds of gravel and calcarenite.

According to Poinar, 2001, Dominican amber is, up to 30 Mio years old. According to other renown scientists, Dominican amber is 20 to 40 million years old. (see:  New York Times, October 29, 2006.) This sets it not far away from Baltic amber.

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No one knows your needs like you do; but we understand the challenges you face with so much fake amber and even fake Larimar on the market. The best option is to buy directly from the source, from the Dominican Republic. We have been selling amber and Larimar in the Dominican Republic since beginning of the century with increasing success.  Find our customer references here.

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