Who we are
We are located in the center of the Caribbean


Members of our family live a few kilometers from the Larimar mine in the Barahona area in the Dominican south.

There,  at the coast of Barahona, in 1974, Norman Rilling, a member of the American “Peace Corps” in company of the Dominican Miguel Méndez, finds blue pebbles at the stony beach of Barahona at the west coast of the Dominican Republic. As they start searching upstream the Baoruco river, they find the mine again. In 1975, the exploitation starts and now you will find about 2000 or more digging holes reaching far into the mountain.

Very little safety measures are being taken and an unknown number of miners found their grave in the holes and tunnels. In rainy and hurricane season the holes are filled with water and the outcrop is rather scarce.

We are direct to the miners and cutters “in situ”.

Lariamber has been operating in the amber and Larimar business since the beginning of the century.

Service is one of the most difficult commodities to get. And yet, this is what we offer. Besides the products.

We are a privately owned operation. Therefore, Service is also our way of working in partnership with you, providing the best support in communication and information.

Due to 40 years of international business experience, we understand the importance of fastest possible response time.

Having a thorough knowledge of your inventory and the possibilities and timing to acquire it, long-time experience with our products, we are able to help our wholesale customers to make the best choices.


“At Santiago, in San Domingo, in the valley of the brook Acagua, amber pieces, some as large as the egg of a goose, reward the explorer.”
J.G. Haddow, 1891

We started our operation directly in Jacagua (Acagua) north of the city of Santiago de los Caballeros at the foot of the mountain range where Dominican Amber is found, in the Caribbean, in the Dominican Republic. We still deal with the common “ambar” amber, but we are mainly dedicated  to the famous and rare Dominican “Blue Amber”.

Although times have changed and amber is not found as easy anymore as J.G.Haddow described it in 1891, we use our contacts to provide to you the best amber available. We are your direct link.  We speak the miner’s and your language.

(pronounced “konk”)
Dominican Blue Amber

To make everybody happy is impossible, but so far we did quite a nice job.

I have received the parcel yesterday and what can I say as usual it’s beautiful. When you know some one very far from you and there is a strong trust between you this means friendship, I’m really like to deal with you because you are honest, nice, clear, advisable and have very good product. So it’s normal to continue business with you till to date which have been started from 2005. Years of trust, years of satisfaction, years of friendship, years of good business. We have to enjoy life and the beautiful gifts from the creator. Thank you, for everything. H.S.A Qatar ---------------------