Larimar, Caribbean Blue

Sea, sand, sun, music and palm trees. All this is concentrated in Larimar. Larimar is BLUE pectolite. It is found, on one square kilometer of land in the Dominican Republic, the only place on the whole planet. Blue pectolite is much more rare than diamonds, which compared with it, exist in “rich” abundance and are as “rare” as the daisies. You may wonder why they are so expensive… or ask the de Beer clan. But back to the pectolite Larimar. Pectolite (“ratholite”), is an acid silicate hydrate of calcium and sodium and is found in the United States (Michigan, Arkansas, New Jersey, California), Canada, England (Scotland), India, Austria (Tyrolia), among others. It is a results of volcanic activity, many million years ago. It’s color is a creamy white. But Larimar is...

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